• 6 Best Office Sweet Treats to Keep in Your Desk

    What to do when hunger strikes outside of mealtime and your stomach growls in between an important meeting? A well-stocked snack drawer can save the day and more importantly save you from embarrassment. It is needless to say midday hunger pangs are distracting. So, when you get a craving to binge something, the snacks need to come out of their spot and make your...
  • Top Candy Myths Busted!

    Top Candy Myths Busted!
    Do you fear bad toothache after eating chocolates and candies? Did your mom say No to your little sweet treats? In a lot of ways, candies have got a bad wrapper over the years. And while candy lovers are tempted to ignore thaw rumours and indulge in their favourite candies, we think it’s time everyone knows the reality. With Valentine Day just around the...
  • Interesting Chocolate Facts You Must Know!

    Interesting Chocolate Facts You Must Know!
    We must tell you there is nothing like the smooth and rich taste of chocolate. It is a world-known fact that just about everyone around the globe is an ardent fan of rich and velvety chocolate, that is why it is a huge billion-dollar industry.  But do you know there are tons of facts about chocolates that are hidden from you which make them...
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