Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is around the corner and if you haven't found the perfect gift, we have got you
covered. This year give a gift with an extra oomph! Make it yourself and of course add some
candies to it.

‘Dad, You Rock’ Frame

To make this you’ll need:

1. Pebbles
2. Googly eyes
3. Glue gun
4. Frame
5. Black Pen
6. White Card

Step 1: Take two pebbles, one should be larger than the other. Glue the googly eyes and draw smiles on both the pebbles. This will make the pebbles look super adorable.

Step 2: Stick the rocks to the bottom half of white card using the glue gun, and hold in the place
until the glue dries. Now use that black pen and draw the arms and legs of those pebbles.

Step 3: With that black pen write “Dad you rock” above the pebbles on the white card. Now your artwork is ready to get framed. Glue it into the frame if necessary as the stones can be quite heavy!
And your cute Father’s Day DIY is ready.
Present this with breakfast in bed and a cup of marshmallow hot chocolate.

Sports Keepsake

To make this you’ll need:
1. Any Sports Ball
2. Nontoxic Stamp Ink
3. Cases, according to the ball that you have chose

Step 1: Grab a ball according to your father’s favourite sport.
Step 2: Paint you hand with that nontoxic stamp ink and leave a handprint on the ball. Make sure you place your hand carefully while leaving the handprint and don’t end up smudging the print.
Step 3: Place the hand printed ball in the case and your sport keepsake is ready.
You can perfectly combine it with Dark Chocolate Almond. Take a pouch and fill it with our Dark Chocolate Almonds so that when your dad watches his favourite sport’s match, he can munch on those Dark Chocolate Almonds.

Up-cycled Record Coaster

To make this you’ll need:
1. Adhesive Craft Foam
2. Acrylic Paint
3. Paintbrush
4. Pencil/Pen
5. CDs
6. Scissors

Step: 1
Paint the top of the CD black.

Step: 2
Trace the CD onto the back of your adhesive craft foam. Now draw the smaller circle on the
inside of that CD trace

Step: 3
Cut out both the foam circle and make sure that you keep both the circles intact as we’ll be
using both the pieces afterwards.

Step: 4
Peel & stick the large adhesive circle to the back of the CD, then stick the small circle to the
front of the CD.

Step: 5
Repeat these steps and make a set of record coasters.

Step: 6
Now write some cute little phrases of appreciation for your dad on those coasters. And your record coaster is ready.

Now you can combine this creative DIY gift with our Chocolate vanilla fudge or chocolate Flavoured Fudge to make it more special.

So choose your favourite DIY idea and surprise your dad with your creativity and sweetness of candies.