10 Signs that prove you are in love with sweets!

10 Signs that prove you are in love with sweets!

Are you fond of sweets? Do you feel a sugar rush gushing through your veins when you hear the words “It’s time for desserts”? Hey! Don’t shy away, it’s completely okay to drool over sweets. When it comes to cravings, celebrations or you simply just want to uplift your mood on a hectic day, a popular thing that overpowers our senses is sweets. Eating different kinds of sweets is not only popular in India but worldwide. Whether it is ending your meals on a sweet note or snacking when you are stressed, candies and chocolates are considered to be the most favourite among the masses.

Sweets not only make people happy but can act as comfort companions. Sometimes it happens that our stomach is satisfied with the meal but our heart craves for that little sweet satisfaction. We find it hard to resist the temptation so sometimes we just skip the meal or simply have a little meal to leave some space for the dessert. Well, that’s not your fault. The truth is, you are head over heels in love with desserts and cannot keep your hands off them. And that’s okay. From its incredible appeal to the gratifying taste, being a sweet tooth is no sin.

Here we present you 10 signs that prove you have a sweet tooth and you’re not sorry about it.

One portion is never enough!

You are never satisfied with one serving, you always crave for more! At first, one bar of chocolate was enough for you to fulfil your sinful heart, but as you become addicted to it, a little amount no more does the trick.

You eat sugar even when you’re full.

You just had a hearty meal but still, desire an extra dose of sweetness to complete your meal. Though you are not physically hungry, still sweetness pangs keep you wanting for more? It’s one of the signs that you’re turning to sugar.

You always crave sugar.

You never get enough sweets and your body has accepted the fact. You keep on binging the candies and chocolate to maintain your sugar levels and fulfil your cravings for heart content.

Snack time is a sweet time.

Mini breaks are always sweet for you! At the moments of hunger pangs, your head and heart turn to candies and chocolate bars instead of snacks or chips.

You don’t need a reason to celebrate with something sweet

Birthday? Absolutely! Anniversary? Of course. Weekend? Undoubtedly! You are up for celebrations even if there is no reason to celebrate.

You roll your eyeballs if someone says no to sweets

It’s a thing on another planet for you. When someone isn’t as much a sweet tooth as you are, you get uncomfortable thinking about the existential crisis they must be facing.

Your bag has a secret stash of candies and chocolates.

Your bag is a Santa sack with chocolates. But no, they are not for ALL. They are for you alone. You gotta have it all.

Mall visits are equivalent to impulse candy buying.

Yes, you head to the Sweets & Snacks section and load your cart with all the sweetness of the world. That’s the major part of your shopping and you have absolutely no regrets!

Life is bliss if you add sweet layering to it.

You live by the belief that sweets can set anything straight. You think there is nothing as comforting as the first bite of chocolate or the flavoured juices oozing out of candies. Life’s biggest pleasure involves sweets and the greatest hurdles can be solved by them.

 You use sugar to make yourself happy.

People continuously turn to sugar as a means to cope with life stress, boredom or other psychological issues such as depression or anxiety. Though indulging in sugar is considered to be unhealthy but is greatly used as a defence mechanism.

So, having a sweet tooth is a curse and a blessing at the same time. The constant urge to explore new desserts does not let you settle down for less, right? These signs strongly prove that you have a  serious case of a sweet tooth. Rank yourself on this scale and flaunt your sweet tooth with pride every day.