Interesting Chocolate Facts You Must Know!

Interesting Chocolate Facts You Must Know!

We must tell you there is nothing like the smooth and rich taste of chocolate. It is a world-known fact that just about everyone around the globe is an ardent fan of rich and velvety chocolate, that is why it is a huge billion-dollar industry.  But do you know there are tons of facts about chocolates that are hidden from you which make them ultra sweet for you!

Did you know that dark chocolate is actually the best anti-inflammatory food for you and it is scientifically proven by Louisiana State University study to assist in insulin resistance and inflammation relief.

If you want to learn more about this world's favourite dessert, check out these facts below. Preferably while munching on a dark chocolate bar or maybe some handful of chocolate almonds.

Chocolate- A Form of Currency in Mayan Times

No, we are not talking about our casino chips and banknotes but we are actually letting you know the fact, it was once used as a currency. According to Smithsonian magazine, cacao beans that are used to make chocolates were once used as a currency in Mayan and Aztec times. The research also states that some people would go as far as making counterfeit beans with clay.

Europe- A leading consumer of chocolates

Though Indians are not far behind trying and relishing chocolates and love to deep dive in chocolaty indulgence. But, according to Forbes magazine, Europeans are the world's truest chocolate lovers followed by Switzerland, Germany, and Ireland.

Bizarre 12,770 Pounds Chocolate

Do you know even chocolate has made a world record! According to The Guinness World Record, Thorntons PLC in the United Kingdom has made the record of making the largest chocolate bar in the world on September 07, 2011, that weighed 5792.50 kg (about 12,770 lbs).

Choco Chip Cookie was an Accident

Ruth Graves Wakefield invented the cookie by accident during the 1930's while preparing food for guests at the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. She was trying to make a batch of Butter Drop Do cookies, but instead the chocolate chips in the batter stayed intact and the iconic cookie was born.

The Word 'Chocolate' Comes From the Aztec Word 'Xocolatl'

According to Godiva, the word "chocolate" actually roots back to the Aztec word "xocolatl," which means "bitter water." You will be surprised to know that your chocolate had a very different taste back then to what we know today due to lack of sugar in Central America during those times.

Soldiers Were Paid Chocolates as Rewards in Wars

During the Revolutionary Wars, some soldiers were fighting for freedom in exchange for delicious chocolate. According to research done by the chocolate and candy companies, since chocolate didn't spoil, it was used as a ration during the war.

Good For Mental High

According to the BBC, researchers found that chocolate can actually stimulate your brain and releases more endorphins in the brain than kissing does. It was also shown to increase your heart rate faster. Researchers believe that this is caused by chocolate's concentration of phenylethylamine, a compound that increases endorphin production in the brain.

Dark, Milk, White, and Blond Chocolates Exist

Most people think that there are only three main types of chocolate, but that's not necessarily true. Blond chocolate, named after its striking color, was actually made by accident by pastry chef Frédéric Bau, according to the chocolate's founding company, Valrhona.

White Chocolate Technically Isn't Chocolate

White chocolate contains cocoa butter, but doesn't contain any cocoa powder or cocoa solids that give regular milk and dark chocolate its color and flavor. Since cocoa butter doesn't actually taste good on its own, it's mixed with milk fat, vanilla, and sugar for a sweeter flavor.

The First Chocolate Bar was Invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry

According to the History Channel, the world's first chocolate bar dates all the way back to 1847. It was created by Joseph Fry with the help of his son, and they made it with cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and sugar.

The Average Milk Chocolate Bar has About 50 Milligrams of Caffeine

According to Coca-Cola's Caffeine Calculator, the average chocolate bar actually has quite a bit of caffeine in it. It estimates that as much as 50 mg of caffeine is in one bar of chocolate, which is more than one shot of espresso.

Cacao Percentage Determines the Amount of Actual Cocoa In A Chocolate Product

Darker chocolates contain a higher percentage of cacao, whereas ones with lower percentages contain more milk product and sweetener. The average milk chocolate bar can have as little as 10 percent of actual cocoa bean product, which is the minimum requirement for the FDA to consider a food a chocolate product.

The Smell of Chocolate Triggers Relaxation

Chocolate is known to have extremely soothing properties. A study by Essex University found that people were more relaxed and actually paid attention and retained more information when just the smell of chocolate was around.

Chocolate Can Be Part of a Balanced Diet and Lifestyle

When eaten in moderation, chocolate can be heart-healthy through its heavy concentration of antioxidants.