6 Best Office Sweet Treats to Keep in Your Desk

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What to do when hunger strikes outside of mealtime and your stomach growls in between an important meeting? A well-stocked snack drawer can save the day and more importantly save you from embarrassment. It is needless to say midday hunger pangs are distracting. So, when you get a craving to binge something, the snacks need to come out of their spot and make your smile spread bigger and give you instant relief. Now, you must agree that every employee needs a snack drawer for their best and most liked sweet office snacks. A little hideaway for mid-day munching that can hold a variety of delights to help you stay happy until the day ends.

Yes, candies can make a great snacking option but do you know not every candy snack is ideal for the drawer or even the sweet desk. Some are too sticky, some can be too messy or some can spoil in the dark and closed space. The best office snacks are those that are portable and clean. It is necessary as they can’t drop crumbles all over your keyboard unlike cakes, cookies and dried savoury snacks. They can’t leave greasy or sticky fingerprints all over your desk either—- caramels fudge and potato chips.

Now you would say, then what’s left to snack on? Our answer would be, Lots! Your snack drawer can still have a variety of offerings and sweet treats. You should not and can’t compromise your cravings by filling those drawers with only one snack. To help you out, we have created a list of best office sweet treats for sweet desk-side nibbles:

Bite-sized candy buddies

A perfect delight to treat your mid-day hunger pangs. House of Candy Bubblegum balls, Fruit Caramels and Mini Marshmallows can be a great addition to your sweet jars stashed in a desk drawer. Grab a handful and toss them directly to your mouth. They won’t stain your fingers, mess up your keyboards or leave a trail of crumbs. If you want a little more variety then you can add some chocolate covered nuts and chocolate flavoured beans.

Yummy Gummies and Jellies

Gummy bears, Cola bottles, fruit jellies, raspberry and even sour gummies make some of the most fun office snack options. There’s something about eating gummy candies that makes you feel like a kid again. When you need a little something, reach for those gummies. Sour gummies also shock you with an eye squinting pucker when you eat them…of course, everyone responds to sweet and sour differently! For us, though, sour is a jolt to the taste buds! And we love it!

Hard Candies

Keep a jar of hard candies on your desk for those days when you want something sweet to suck on for a while. Hard candies are also a great go-to for a quick breath freshener. Pop a fun extra strong mint, a mint imperial, or any fruity candy to help rid your mouth of the smell of your morning coffee. Or keep them around for a post-lunch sweet treat!


Sometimes, only chocolate will do. While you would be tempted to dig straight into a bag of chocolate chips, House of Candy has some of the best bite-sized chocolates at your bay. Inspired by your love of fruits and berries, they have incorporated mango white compound, black currant white compound and chocolate butterscotch in their list of offerings.

Nutty Treats

We can’t make a list of the best office snacks without including nuts. They are an ideal snack for the office. We love them drenched in chocolate, but salty or even honey roasted nuts are full of healthy fats and protein to satisfy midday hunger pangs. Some of the delicious nutty binges that House of Candy has to offer are Dark Chocolate Almonds, Cashew Dark Compound and Hazelnut Milk Chocolate. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some of these chocolate-dipped nuts and vanish your hunger pangs in thin air!

Jelly Beans

Colourful, sweet, and perfect to grab by the handful, jelly beans let you mix different flavours together in your mouth for a taste explosion. Plus, jars of jelly beans add a pop of colour to your desk. Just be sure to keep the bean level stocked because co-workers will be reaching for handfuls throughout the day.

For midday sugar cravings or pre-lunch munchies, keep a convenient stash of snacks at your desk. Or toss a hint to your office manager that your company’s break room needs offerings from House of Candy! Every office needs a full supply of candy, and House of Candy has bulk order options that let offices order a customized candy stash to make sure every employee’s got the best office snacks available!