Backyard Togetherness Can Be Accentuated With S’mores Happiness

Backyard Togetherness Can Be Accentuated With S’mores Happiness

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We have experienced the years of “s’mores” in these past two years. Everyone enjoyed and relished more family time, with more than 50% of adults and kids staying at their homes and operating their daily work from the backyard of their home. If you ask any young adult how has it been spending time, he would probably say it’s all good with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Enjoying the warmth, the dazzle, and the crackle of a fire is fun, but when you combine the ambience of a dancing flame with comfort food — another thing we all want s’more of – well, then things really start to heat up. THE snack customers are really cosying up to? S’mores, S’mores flavoured everything is experiencing record sales, according to Confectionery News.

Are we looking at the decade of S’mores, perhaps? Customers want s’more ways to make their family outdoor get-togethers memorable. House of Candy is here to give their family some simple ways to sweeten their outdoor time and create some delectable memories with easy and fun candy creations.

Get Some Gooey and Squishy Inspiration

We have seen customers are always looking for s’more ways to enjoy ooey, gooey, creamy, crunchy chocolatey and mushy goodness. Be their one-stop-shop for family fun with consumer packs of squishy S’mores making marshmallows, mini mallows that complement with everything they need to craft this old time favorite at home .

For a different spin on s’mores with s’more panache, suggest chocolate covered versions of classic s’mores ingredients. We recommend House of Candy Nassau own chocolate fudges to complement your desserts. Raise the bar with specialty chocolate fudges and mallows and surprise your loved ones woth s’more goodness.

Get Toasted With Steaming Hot Chocolate

There’s more than one way to get cozy by the campfire. Chocolate makes everything better. Snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate, brimming with melty, airy marshmallows is a hot idea any time of year.  An emerging trend (which we think has lots of staying power) has been da bomb on social media lately – hot cocoa bombs.  For those who haven’t been mesmerized by the videos blowing up their socials yet, hot cocoa bombs are rich chocolate orbs filled with cocoa toppings like mini marshmallows that melt and burst when dunked into a mug of hot milk.  Hot cocoa bombs blow the ordinary cocoa experience right out of the water (or milk).

Get Social With You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream, Ice-cream

All that time by the fire gets a bit toasty, so customers need to cool off.  Here’s the scoop — ice cream topped up with some cute little candies can make your heart flutter. What’s the cherry on top to a fireside ice cream experience? You guessed it — actual candies with other ice cream toppings. No need to make a major investment in premium sundaes when you can make your sundae by your own. Your loved ones, your kids will melt for ice cream sundaes featuring bulk toppings classics like sprinkles and pint-size candy favorites like Gummy Bears, fruit jellies, marshmallows and much more.

Cozy up to adding backyard  bites to your assortment with House of Candy.