Top Candy Myths Busted!

Top Candy Myths Busted!

Do you fear bad toothache after eating chocolates and candies? Did your mom say No to your little sweet treats? In a lot of ways, candies have got a bad wrapper over the years. And while candy lovers are tempted to ignore thaw rumours and indulge in their favourite candies, we think it’s time everyone knows the reality. With Valentine Day just around the corner, we have chosen the right time to help you avoid being fooled by these candy myths any longer!

Mint Imperials & Soda are a Dangerous Combination.

Have you heard this before? Yes! But have you ever thought of how this saying or myth came into being? In the 1980s, Pop Rocks were a big hit and used to induce fun and adventure in the lives of people. However, the candy ability to fizz on your tongue just like mint imperials sparked a silly urban legend many still believe today. It’s true that the candy does create carbon dioxide while it pops, but certainly not enough to cause your stomach to explode when mixed with soda. So no, there have not been any serious injuries due to the combination. Similarly, having Mint imperials and soda together is also perfectly fine, despite the foam they create when mixed.

It Takes Forever to Digest Gums

Were you ever told to spit out your gum as a kid, just to swallow it out of spite instead? Were you then told it sticks to your stomach lining and you will feel pain? Tsk, tsk. Well, jokes on you because gum takes no longer than any other food to digest in the stomach. This myth most likely stems from the fact that gum is indigestible, but so are many other foods like seeds and some starches, but that doesn’t mean they sit in your stomach. And no, just because it’s sticky, doesn’t mean it will stick to your stomach lining.

Diabetic People Should Avoid Chocolate.

Good news... People with diabetes don’t have to completely avoid all chocolate! In fact, you’ll be surprised to hear that chocolate has a low glycemic index. Recent studies actually suggest that dark chocolate can improve insulin sensitivity in people with high blood pressure and improve endothelial dysfunction. Of course, your doctor will have a final say on the matter, but don’t completely count chocolate out yet!

Healthy Candy is a Myth!

In reality, a lot of great sweets like lollipops, candy canes and gummies have 0 cholesterol or fat, making them healthier than most people know. And a lot of other tasty hard candies and even liquorice are fat-free and low-calorie with little to no cholesterol. For example, a handful of raisins actually contains more calories than the same amount of candy corn. Who knew?

And don’t get us started on chocolate. Offering a variety of minerals and just as many antioxidants as a 5 oz. a glass of wine or 2 ¾ cups of green tea, a delicious dark candy bar basically boasts superfood status! 

Chocolates Cause Acne

Teen years are the most superstitious years of anyone’s life. As grown-up individuals, we tend to believe in anything and everything. Don’t believe any teen you talk to; science will defend chocolate when it comes to being blamed for causing acne. Studies dating all the way back to the 1960s have shown no correlation between the two, even in large amounts of consumption. So go ahead, and eat all the chocolate you want without any worry about your skin!

You Can Get Addicted to Chocolate.

Your sweet tooth may always win out when you’re trying to resist a bite of those delicious chocolate candies you have in the pantry, but chocolate is no more addictive than any other favourite food of yours. You can just as easily satisfy that craving with a naturally sweet food like fruit, but you just choose not to (it’s ok, we don’t blame you).

The Five-Second Rule

This one is good to know for ALL food. You’ve just dropped a piece of chocolate on the floor. Quick! Pick it up in the next 5 seconds! Then it’s totally fine to eat, right? Wrong. Experiments have actually been done that showed significant amounts of bacteria were picked up by dropped food in that 5-second window. The rule does deserve some credit, however, as studies have also shown that time is in fact a significant factor in bacteria being transferred to a piece of food. So while you’re not completely in the clear, the quicker you can pick up that truffle, the better.

The Sugar in Chocolate/Candy Causes Hyperactivity.

DO NOT give children too much candy; they’ll be bouncing off the walls! Again, we need to stop pointing the finger at chocolate. Lots of studies have offered plenty of proof that the link between excess sugar and hyperactive behaviour exist. Instead, it’s much more realistic to blame the environment (kids’ birthday parties, holidays, etc.), or that we’re just simply making it up in our heads because this silly myth exists.

If there’s one thing we don’t joke about, it’s candy. We’re loyal until the end, but knowing these popular beliefs are in fact myths, certainly helps us enjoy every bite even more! Now you can load up on all your favourite candies from House of Candy and enjoy them this spring without any guilt. We’ve got all the very best brands of candy and premium chocolate in bulk so you can stock up on as much as you want whenever you want. No joke!