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Pink & White Marshmallows 100gm
SKU: MM120 ; Categories: Marshmallows ;  Tags: Non-Veg  The House of Candy’s Pink and White tube are the soft fluffy marshmallows that kids love, adults adore and the desserts desire. These are the ultimate party hits, gift items and the...
Rs. 180.00
Raspberry 100gm
SKU: GJ142 ; Categories: Gums and Jellies ; Tag: Non-Veg House of Candy brings all the fresh flavours for you to taste. The soft and chewy texture of these gummies leave everyone wanting for more. It is gluten-free and dairy-free...
Rs. 180.00
Cola Bottles 100gm
SKU: GJ160; Category: Gums and Jellies; Tag: Non-Veg The Cola bottle shaped jellies will attract the attention of your kids as soon as they see them. These dairy-free cola bottle candies prove to be a healthy snacking option for all...
Rs. 180.00
Fruit Jellies 100gm
SKU: GJ115 ; Category: Gums and Jellies ; Tag: Veg Mixed flavour yummy candies that make a perfect snack and a wonderful treat. An assortment of flavours. Sugary candies. Net weight: 100gm Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelling Agent, Lactic Acid, Colours, Flavourings....
Rs. 180.00
Gummy Bears 100gm
SKU: GJ101 ; Category: Gums and Jellies ; Tags: Non-veg Due to their vibrant color and cute appearance, gummy bears are always a fun snack to have. These bears are a perfect dairy-free snack for people of all ages. Each bear has a...
Rs. 180.00
Fizzy Chips 100gm
SKU: Fizzy110 ; Category: Fizzy ; Tag: Non-Veg If you are looking for a handy snack that will make your kid’s evenings delicious, you should grab this one. These gummy and fizzy chips are coated with a layer of sugar....
Rs. 180.00
Dark Chocolate Almonds 100gm
SKU: Choc104 : Category: Chocolate : Tag: Veg It is time to let your kids know that healthy snacks can be tasty as well. The dark chocolate almonds are definitely mouth-watering and will leave you asking for more. The mouth-watering taste...
Rs. 180.00
Bubblegum Ball 100gm
SKU: CG100 ; Category: Fizzy ; Tag:  Veg Pop-in fruity balls in your mouth that have a  flavour that rolls and creates a hurricane of flavours inside you. These bubblegum balls have a glossy, colourful, and sugary coating outside and...
Rs. 180.00
Fizzy Cherry Cola 100gm
SKU: Fizzy109 ; Category: Bestsellers, Gums and  Jellies ;Tag: Vegan Cola with a hint of cherry sounds like a dream combo! These jellies are dairy-free which makes them a healthy snack for both kids and adults. Give your daily yoghurt...
Rs. 180.00
Mini Marshmallows 100gm
SKU: MM144 ; Category: Marshmallow ; Tags: Non-veg The Mini Marshmallows from the House of Candy can light up your mood with their amazing flavour and deliciousness. Your kids will love to binge on them whenever they get a chance...
Rs. 180.00
Crafty Pencil Pouch
Crafty Pencil Pouch Your pencil pouch got a funky makeover. This pencil keeper is perfect for holding pencils, tools and other small supplies. Made of a durable fabric with an easy gliding zipper, this will hold all your crafty equipment...
Rs. 250.00
Jelly Bean Machine
Enjoy a fun dessert session with your kids when you bring home this Jelly Bean Machine. The cute and attractive design will make this your child's favourite dessert.  An assortment of fruity flavours. Chewy. Size: 4 inch X 2.5 inch....
Rs. 200.00
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