Make Your Gifts More Special and Sweet with Exciting Candy Choices

Make Your Gifts More Special and Sweet with Exciting Candy Choices

Occasions like festivals, anniversaries, and wedding celebrations are a sure shot way for us to unite over a mouthful of sweets. In fact, the taste can stimulate a chuckle-worthy nostalgia taking us back to carefree times when we rushed to the local store to get hold of oh-so-yummy candies. Over the decades, candies have become an integral part of the gifting tradition across India rather subconsciously. 


When was the last time you received an aesthetic package filled with delicious candies of your choice from a loved one? The fact is, as time has progressed, candies have evolved from randomly assorted jelly beans or intentionally group M&M's into more meaningful and consciously flavoured delicacies. Be it our family, friends, or colleagues, one thing that is sure to bring a heartwarming smile on their faces is a curated box of their favourite candies! After all, who doesn't like to be spoilt with sweetness now and then? 


If you are thinking about gifting your loved ones with a personalized candy gift box and don’t know where to start, rest assured. Let us take you through the must-knows of all things candy and how to pick the ultimate gift box to show your loved ones that you care. 


A flavour for every mood

Moods change like the weather. It is an inevitable process, but there's always one way or the other to lift up the spirits! Get your loved one a surprise candy gift box that's by their side through every mood. 

Down or under the weather? Chocolate flavoured beans will make a perfect source to rejoice. With utility ingredients like cocoa and milk solids, these crunchy candies will melt on the tongue, giving you a fine flavour of chocolate familiarity. 


Feeling rather playful and confident? Go for the USA hard gums that fit right with your happy go lucky mood. With the right mix of sugar, glucose, cornflour, and citric acid, the hard gums will rejuvenate you like no other candy! 


Wish to go on an adventure in the flavour-town and experience fresh yet familiar taste? Say no more, because the fizzy cola candy is the rollercoaster you'd not regret! The known cola flavour with the burst of fizzy formation in the mouth is sure to feed your curiosity. 

Ready to embrace yourself with self-love and joy? Indulge in rainbow bites filled with contents like glucose-fructose, wheat flour, acidity regulators, and sugar syrup to make you feel alive! 

Want to capture all of these candy flavours for the perfect gift box there can be? Get your Big Red Box of Candy today! 


For the love of sugar!

Many important occasions in our lives are milestones that must be celebrated with a chunk of sweetness. Be it your colleague's promotion, your friend's wedding, or celebrating a festival with your family, and sweetness unites us. Keep the tradition of enjoying the sugar rush alive. A mix of pink and white marshmallows can cheer anyone who craves sugar at the end of their rather boring routine. How about a fizzy peaches candy to replace the soda drink and also give you a fruity aftertaste to cherish? Check out the Sugar Rush Black Box curated especially for those who can't get enough of the flavoured and sugary candies. 


Moreover, if you know someone who has got a sweet tooth for a fruity mashup of candies, how about a pack full of fruit jellies and apple/strawberry belts? With ingredients like sugar syrup, wheat flour, lactic acid, citric acid, and gelling agent, these candies will be an exciting surprise! You can find them all in one place, created as a Sweet Tooth Black Box, which makes gifting candies to your important ones a fancy experience! 


Is it sweet? Is it sour?

Isn't the idea of sour candy fascinating? Nothing can make the experience of tasting sweet and sour candies dull. Especially if gifted as a party favour, they can act as a great ice breaker! Contrary to popular opinion, sweet and sour jellies when taken in moderation can help children recognize different tastes during growth stages. 


A mix of jelly beans and hard gums can be a perfect birthday gift for kids. They can also be used in a party game since sour candies can stimulate funny facial reactions! Who doesn’t like fun after all? The perfect assortment of soft jellies and sour hard gums can be found in the Sweet And Sour Jellies Gift Box which is designed for those who love all things fun and exciting!


Very berry delicious!

The tart and sweet-tasting raspberry are quite tempting! It is luscious, simple, and spectacular. Berries can stimulate such a taste-sensation in our bodies that result in delight. And you'd be excited to know that a candy version of exciting raspberry does exist! 


Be it Christmas, or a get together of friends after ages, a box full of raspberry and fizzy peach candies can steal the show effortlessly. An abundance of gelatine, dextrose, beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, Arabic gum, lemon, and elderberry makes this a healthy composition and smart gifting. If you’re already salivating, get the Berry Blast Gift Box and satiate your cravings today! 



At your very own House of Candy, there are more such exciting candy gift boxes for you to choose from! Our pick and mix idea for candies serve you the best because it gives you enough options to dive in to - be it chewy, fruity, sour, jelly, or hard candies! 


With our custom order provision, you can personalize your purchase by ordering as per occasions such as birthdays, corporate events, baby showers, or wedding celebrations. To top it all, our collection comes with a luxurious packaging standard that elevates the gifting experience. So, what are you waiting for? Give into the candy craving and let House of Candy make gifting more special for you today!