We Tried These Top 10 Candies at House of Candy, and We Just Can’t Get Enough

We Tried These Top 10 Candies at House of Candy, and We Just Can’t Get Enough

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Lately, we have been obsessing over candies. There are so many options to love and binge. Some we keep in our secret stash and some we store to combat our blues. Some take us back to our childhood, and some are introduced to us by our kids.

We went through candy after candy and have shortlisted our top 10 favourite candies for you to devour.



Did you know that ancient Egyptians were the first to enjoy this gooey treat, now called marshmallow? It was considered incredibly special and was reserved for gods and royalty.

It is made from the wild mallow plant that grows in marshes—no points for guessing the origin of the name. There are multiple ways to enjoy marshmallows. Some people like to pair melted marshmallow with bananas, while others prefer to use them in baking. We love putting them in our mouth as we buy  marshmallow from the store—plain and delicious. A lot of our younger friends prefer to coat it with melted chocolate or dip it in their hot chocolate. 


Gummy Bear

No surprises here! You can never go wrong with a gummy bear. It is a classic sweet candy that can be a great snack. The only problem we faced with them was that we didn’t want to stop at two or five or eight. Oops! There are so many flavours and colours. We suggest you pick as many as you can stuff in your bag. Gummy bears from the House of Candy are chewy, soft, with exquisite flavours. Bright red, yellow, and green teddy bear-shaped candies will instantly captivate your little ones. They are just a sweet, sweet, delicious candy that will brighten up your day.


Cola Bottle

It is another excellent variation of a gummy bear. If you are not a fan of teddy bear-shaped gummies and want some unconventional candy, then Cola Bottle is the right pick for you. It is an amazing combination of chewy, jelly gummies, and cola flavour to please those picky taste buds. The shape and the flavour go hand in hand with this one. This new variation of the gummy bear is on our must-try list.



Enough about sweet candies. Here’s something for the lovers of sweet and sour. Yep! These sweet candies are topped with the tartness of real raspberries to make your day extraordinary. These sugary, jelly, coated treats look like whole raspberries. Trust us; these candies can make your taste buds dance in your mouth. Still not sure? Try them out yourself.


Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean makes a great midnight snack. Stores offer them in an assortment of shapes and flavours. Put some in your mouth and get awed by the massive blast of flavours. House of Candy also sells Jelly snakes. These are the cutest snakes you can ever find. Multi-coloured and multi-flavoured snakes are sure to please young guests visiting your home. You can also display a candy corner in your house whenever tiny tots are coming around. All these colourful candies are surely going to win their hearts.


Fruit Jellies

The Jelly option isn’t over yet. Just like we have fruit-flavoured gummy bears, we also have fruit jellies. You can’t complain that we are biased towards gummies. These bestseller candies are a great snacking option to satisfy those odd hour hunger pangs. Cherry, strawberry, orange, lime, and more. Lime is our favourite. Do you also have a favourite fruit jelly?


Apple Belts

We heard someone cheering apple apple apple! Yeah, we have something special for you as well. Here is something for those who prefer apple candies over lime candies. If you like to play tug of war using your teeth and fingers, then Apple Belt is the best rope for you. Some people want to roll it and have a mouth full of Apple Belts, which is another excellent way to enjoy it. Bit by bit or whole thing at once. Whatever you choose, these candies are surely going to stay in your mouth and on your mind for a long, long time.


Fizzy Peaches

Want a hyped dose of sweet and sour? Pop one of these in your mouth. This fizzy candy is a perfect replacement for a soda drink. If you are not into peaches but would love a fizzy candy, then you should try fizzy chips or a fizzy bubble bottle. Pink and blue bubble bottles are beautiful to look at and scrumptious to chew on.


Lollipop Tutti-Frutti

These lollipops in classic tutti-frutti flavour make an excellent gifting option. A gift that will not burn a hole in your pocket and will be loved by your guests. It’s a candy you cannot go wrong with. Everyone likes it. There are many variations available when it comes to the shape and size of this lollipop. Our favourite one is the biggest one. If you don’t want sticky hands, then lollipops are a great option, especially when it comes to keeping toddlers happy and occupied for a long-long time.


Dark almond chocolate

Mouthwatering flavour with goodness of almond. Tasty and healthy treat for those who are always searching for a healthier option i.e dark chocolate almonds. No need to stop yourself from enjoying this delectable treat. It is a favourite of kids and adults alike. It has the right amount of chocolate taste with a great crunch. If chewy and gooey is not your thing, then this is a wonderful option for you.


Fruity, fizzy, gooey, chewy, crunchy, and chocolaty. We have picked the top ten popular candies out of so many options. We sure ate a lot of them and still want to gnaw more. This list has candies for everyone, from a two-year-old kid to an eighty-year-old granny.


If you are missing your childhood days and would like some sweetness, then you can order them from the House of Candy and get the candies delivered at your doorstep. If you are not sure which candy you are craving for, then we suggest an assorted bag of candies.