All You Need to Know About Various Candies: Ways to Make Life Sweeter

All You Need to Know About Various Candies: Ways to Make Life Sweeter

Candy lovers kindly assemble because we have something to say, and you would want to hear this. Remember when Harry Potter purchased the whole cart of treats on the Hogwarts Express, and we were left marveling over all the different kinds of candy that were there on the cart? Now wizarding candies may not be real, but the magical world of chocolates is no less rewarding in real life. 


Your head will start spinning if we tell you just exactly how many different kinds of candy are available for your sweet tooth cravings, and that is exactly what we plan to do. So buckle up and get ready for a crash course on candy, brought to you by India's favorite candy destination, House of Candy! 

Crash Course on Candy and Fun Ways to Experiment with It


Sugary Candies


Sugary candies are generally prepared hard candies prepared by boiling sugar-based syrups, and they have a hard exterior that slowly dissolves in your mouth. Their filling can differ from simple chocolate filling to fancy caramel filling in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Here are some of the sugary candies available on our site that are simply delectable:


  • Candy Lollies - Candy lollies are super popular because of their fun colors and sweet taste. We have many different candy lollies at House of Candy like the Pop Goldenstrip Strawberry Spiral tangy strawberry flavor, Pop Apple Spiral in a fruity flavor loved by children, Cola - Blueberry and Raspberry Lollies that taste amazing and look super cute and many more such exciting flavors that will make your mouth water.
  • Refreshing Candies - A single Sherbat Lemon candy can refresh your senses and leave a zesty aftertaste in your mouth. Or maybe opt for a quick lesson in fruity tastes from the letter-shaped ABC letters candy. These small sugary treats are hard candies that you will have a soft spot because they are simply delicious!   
  • Ornamental candy - Fond of jewelry and candy? Why not combine your love for both? The Candy Necklace and Candy Watches are two fun concept candy that comes in the shape of a choker and melts in your mouth. If your child loves kids' jewelry, then this would make for an ideal gift for them. 




Have you wanted to sit around a bonfire and roast marshmallows while trading horror stories? Well, now you can get with these candy marshmallows available on our site. It is an extremely popular confectionery, and there are multiple ways in which you can use our candy marshmallows. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • Marshmallow Pie - Grab a pack of the Mini Marshmallows available on our site and get baking. You can use a basic pie recipe and bake the sweet, vanilla-flavored marshmallows in the pie. The vanilla flavor pairs well with a chocolate or apple pie and makes for a fantastic dessert.


  • Marshmallow Smores - If you have never had a smore, you miss out on the classic camping treat that is wildly popular in the States. Take two cookies or any tasty biscuit, coat them with chocolate spread, and sandwich a roasted marshmallow between the two cookies to prepare your very own smore. You can use our Pink and White marshmallows for your smore and give them a nice pop of color. 
  • Beverage Topping - Can't quite wake up without your morning cuppa? Try dropping a few mini marshmallows in your morning coffee and enjoy the sweet vanilla flavor mixing with the rich taste of the coffee. Marshmallows are widely used as toppings for hot chocolate and other hot beverages, so go grab a pack of the mini marshmallows and enjoy!


Gummy Candies


Chewy gelatin-based candies, these are all-time favorites of those with a sweet tooth. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these chewy treats are the only workout your mouth needs. Here are some of the most popular gummy candies on our sites:


  • Giant Cola Bottles - Make your own candy cocktail with these sugary devils that are simply too delicious. Make a Jack and Coke cocktail by slipping a few cola bottles in your drink and enjoy the fizzy taste of original cola with your favorite drink.
  • Gummy Bears - Enjoy the assorted flavors of the bear-shaped little treats which melt in your mouth and taste heavenly. You can use it for edible party decorations and wow your guests with the fun colors on it.  


  • Candy Buffet - Set up a large candy buffet for your kids by mixing different types of gummy and chewy candies. Go for the Fizzy Dracula Teeth, Fizzy Gummy Bear, Peach Rings, or select from the multiple other candies available on our site. You can also use our candies as candy toppings for your other sweet dishes.


Jujube Candies


Jujubes are a unique type of candy made with starch, gum, and corn syrup. They existed in the late 19th century and since then have been modernized multiple types. At House of Candy, we sell some of the most delicious jujubes. Here are a few of them:


  • Fizzy Jelly Snakes - Made from the jujube fruit, these Fizzy Jelly Snakes are a major hit with all candy lovers. It is chewy and gummy and has a mix of various flavors that leave you wanting more.
  • Apple or Strawberry Belts - These chewy belts made from jujube are too tasty to not try. The Strawberry and Apple flavor can be cut up and used as candy toppings for your desserts as well.     


The best part about candy is that you can use it in so many more ways than you think. Make a candy spread for a birthday party and set up a large candy buffet with our catering services. Allow your guests to choose from a large variety of different types of candies. The options are limitless, so all that is left for you to do is to get started on picking your favorites.