Got a sweet tooth? Check out some delicious ways to binge on drool-worthy candies.

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Do your sugar cravings not end? Have you reached the “I-have-tried-it-all” stage? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place to explore and create some magical desserts with sweet delights. Candy is nothing short of satisfying but wouldn’t it be fascinating if it could overwhelm your taste buds and take you on a merry ride of Candyland? 

To incorporate the right amount of sugar and sweet in your life, we have found the best candy-infused decadent recipes. No matter what kind of candy you have, make the most delicious sweet delicacy from them. Try some DIY and add colour, sweetness and more texture to your meals.

Read about these delicious ways to tempt your tongue and delight your senses.

Colour pop your dough!

Hey, Are you up for some delectable and appetizing tea-time snack companion? Whether you’re making cookies, croissants, buns or brioche, a tempting way to add a gooey texture to your snack is by adding slightly melted chocolate candy at the final mixing of the dough. We suggest you pop colourful chocolate flavoured beans.

Chewy, tender, and magically sweet, this dessert is as good as it gets. 

Get ready for the chocoholic explosion!

It’s a bar of fact chocolate can make anything better. Do your kids despise nuts and hate eating nutritious stuff? For the love of brownies and cupcakes, why don’t you add some hidden gems inside your desserts? Create a mirage of nutty and chocolaty explosions with our choco cashews and choco almonds. We bet your kids wouldn’t even know, but there will be crunch inside your dessert until they bite into it.

Yay! It’s time to get back to the nut haters!

Sprinkle fun on desserts!

Have you baked your brownies, cakes and cupcakes already? Not a fan of cooking? Top some fun on the frosting or over your ice cream. House of Candy brings you the colourful medley of jelly beans, gummy worms and snakes which are as chewy as gum and as crazy as fun. Directly add them to your desserts or simply mix them in your pudding cups or sundae treats and experience fun and frolic textures.

We have given you options to choose from, it is your time to try them on!

Sweeten your beverages!

Whether it’s hot chocolate, herbal tea, espresso or mocha coffee, add a small amount of candy and see the magical havoc it creates. Add a little amount of hazelnut compound; leave it for about a minute and get ready to hop on a candy-filled ride. 

If it seems like a lot of work to do or maybe too irresistible to wait for, ground some candy into sugar and add it in your hot cocoa or over your favourite milkshake. 

Too yummy for gummy popsicles!

Fruity gummy bears are the yummiest snack to binge on, but why eat alone when you can have some fun with it. Freeze gummy twins in popsicles filled with fizzy juices and wait for them to become a perfect accompaniment for the day spent lounging by the poolside. If you wanna go crazier, drop them in sparkling water and let them create fun.

Not just for S’mores!

Prepare your taste buds for sinfully addictive marshmallow delights. Create a platter with an array of gooey bars, cookies, toasted milkshakes, pie, tarts, cheesecake and chocolate squares to binge on. Dig in essentially a giant marshmallow feast that is not only crunchy and candy laden but crush-worthy.

The Sky’s the Limit!

There are numerous other ways in which you can creatively incorporate House of Candy’s colourful and delectable candies in your diet- if you enjoyed these, don’t let your experiment stop. Try more and make your life sweeter.

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