Bake it Pretty With Scrumptious Candy Kits And Make Your Sales Soar High!

Bake it Pretty With Scrumptious Candy Kits And Make Your Sales Soar High!

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As we are once again locked inside our house with laptops, with work and monotony is striking us hard every day, we must keep ourselves motivated and put together in trying times. With home baking continually heating up for the past 2 years and people have found their new business venture in that, we must bake it pretty with scrumptious candy delights.

Inspired by baking and cooking shows that go around our TV and social media walls or simply spending more time at home, consumers want to up their baking game. So much so, that now they’re purchasing baking kits from renowned bakeries. But don’t you think baking decors should not only be reserved for sprinklers and toppings? No doubt, baking kits are a terrific and super-easy way to get creative but candy assortments would not do any harm right? Instead, they would accentuate your baking and increase sales post-holidays or any time of the year.

No expert baker or staff with you? Not a problem! It doesn’t take much to transform your delicious tasting cupcakes and cakes from plain Jane to a social media sensation. To make your cake toppings more fun, see our fun suggestions to get those creative juices ‘ doughing’.

Create Fin-tastic textures with Chocolate Flavoured Beans

Home bakers and newly turned food entrepreneurs say convenience and ease are the key factors as and when life starts to pick up and orders start to float up. The texture of bland-looking cupcakes and cake can easily be transformed with single or multiple coloured candies for a major impact with a little effort. Chocolate flavoured beans can be grouped to make fish scales filled with so-fish-ticated textures. Bubblegum balls can be laid together for creating 3-D textures and much more can be done depending upon your imagination and the availability of candies with you!

Build Up A Bear-y Good Topping

Though they might enjoy viewing, no customer today wants their baking creation to look like a turn-off and only wants to hear one thing i.e. “ Nailed it!” Piping frosting into different fun-shaped can be a little difficult for a novice or a recently turned baker and here our candies come in handy. Get decorating skills ‘in the bag’ — minus the frosting need — by offering candies that can be used in place of intricate frosting designs. This idea lends a great help in creating popular animal faces to surprise your kids. The rule of thumb here is to look at different animal faces in terms of shapes. House of Candy can help you with gummy and yummy gummy bears that are colourful and beautiful to create their space on your delicious tasting dessert.

Another fun shape that can accentuate your dessert toppings are the fizzy jelly snakes, jelly snakes and even the jelly mix can help you create bear-y good toppings.

Bring on the Butterflies with Unexpected Combinations

Simple might be best for most, but there are those customers who are up for an advanced challenge.  Combine the ideas of candy as building blocks and creating texture, add just a dash of the unexpected and watch the drama level rise. Use candies in unexpected ways. Cut a gummy worm a little shorter, it’s now a body for a majestic butterfly or dragonfly.  Nonpareils, all decorated in sprinkles, can sprout inspiration when paired with yellow chocolate butterscotch balls, fizzy mix to create mini daisies, sunflowers, or any flower with a textural centre.

Experiment With Colours

Vivid colours are a great way to make a bold statement. Good thing most candies come in a rainbow of colours!  For those customers who want spectacular showpieces quickly, playing with colour is a great decorating strategy.  Everyone loves fizzy gummy bears, and their bold colours lend themselves to fun decor for parties. Placing gummy bears on a white backdrop of frosting makes the different hues of these candy darlings shine.  Play with textures – use gummies with sanding sugar or sour sugar for extra sparkle and shine.

At House of Candy, we have something for everyone. Come and shop with us!