Lollipop: A Fruity Wheel of Happiness

Candies are little treats to the heart that no one ever said no to. The fondest memory that we will have of our childhood is walking around the road holding a cute lolly that sucks out all the worries and leaves behind a happy soul, enjoying his treat. As a kid, a lollipop is something that we craved 24/7 and would wait for little achievements so to be awarded happy swirls. It is not only a sweet treat for kids but adults enjoy them alike. Almost everyone has gotten a sucker from the doctor or longed for one of the giant lollipops in the sweet shop. There’s a lot of nostalgia around this candy, and the fusion of fruits with sugar swirl just act as a cherry on the cake. No matter how bad your day is, a fruitilicious lollipop will never fail to paint your face with a smile.

It comes in a stick that isn’t soft as a bar of chocolate but hard, leaving you to enjoy its fruity juice a little longer to satisfy your sweet tooth. Yes, chocolate brings happiness but lollies bring nostalgia. Available in a multitude of colours and delicious fruit flavours, these juicy swirls of happiness are one of the most diverse types of candy in the market. But do you know who thought about this wonderful candy?

Lollipop has been a staple sweet since prehistoric times. Many believed that the culture of sugar on a stick was introduced by cavemen who used to eat honey off a stick from beehives. Some believed that the Chinese, Arabs and Egyptians were the harbingers of lollipops who started coating fruit and nuts with honey. What so ever may be the history of the lollipops but it struck the right chord with the hearts of children and adults over time. Just as other classic sweets like cupcakes and ice cream have been reinvented with more grown-up flavours, lollipops have their update as well and show that they’re more than just a child’s candy.

Let’s relish some of the delectable House of Candy lollipops that can tingle your tongue with their fruitful flavours.

Sweet blissful breeze  

Are you an old-time classic fan? Do you love to enjoy a fruity breeze of flavours that can uplift your mood and double up your joys? We heard you saying YES! Try out our sweet induced lollipops.

Pop Whoa-ter-Melon: Packed with the freshness of watermelon and sweetness of sugar, it is your must-have candy to beat the summer heat. Indulge in the sweet and refreshing breeze of happiness with the tinge of watermelon in it. 

Pop Very Vanilla: Swirl in your very own vanilla paradise. The blue and white twirl is ready to take you on the classic high and unleash the joyous kid in you!

Pop Sweet Strawberry: Pink-hued strawberry swirls are ready to garnish your smile with pure delight. Check out these deliciously crunchy and soothing lollies. We are sure you’ll love these lollies Strawberry-much!

Pop Blushing Banana: Who said bananas can't be fun? These Handmade Twirl Pop Banana by House of Candy will make you fall in love with bananas. Perfect for picnic and field trips, it is a fun take on fruity desserts!

Tangy merry delight

Do you want to tickle the child inside you? Make your snack time interesting by treating your taste buds with fruitful adventure. Find out our range of tangerine merry lollies.

Pop Lemon Spiral: Add zing to your taste palette with the lemony tanginess. These merry-go-round spirals are pure bliss for people who have a taste for sourness and space for happiness.

Pop BlackBerry Currant: The newest addition to your candy jar! The tanginess of these handmade twirl pops will leave you with an unmatchable puckering sensation. For those seeking a tangy taste, these lollies are perfect.

Pop Orange Zest: Relish your love for oranges with these refreshing lollies and bite into the memories of childhood times.

Pop Passion Fruit: Enjoy the tartness of the passion fruit amalgamating with sweet caramel and celebrate your love for fruits in a delicious way!

Puckering sweet & sour feast

Sweet. Salty. Sour. When channelling your inner snacker, you’ll probably notice a pattern in which flavour profile you reach for when hankering hits. While candy is supposed to be sweet and enjoyable, there is no doubt that its sour counterparts have an enthusiastic cult following. If you are one among them, try out our puckering lollies.

Pop Candid Cola: When craving for that extra fizz in your life, it’s time to try these candid cola spirals. The tangy flavour of cola and sweetness of candy is a mouth-watering combination to share a happy delight.

Pop Fruitilicious: Enjoy the rainbow happiness packed in a lolly with a blend of several fruity flavours. The twirl shape and fruity flavour will make you relive your childhood!

Pop Mango Madness: Relish your mango fetish with this hard candy all around the year. The twirly style makes it appealing to kids as well as adults!

Pop Luscious Lemon: With a lemony zest and a crunchier texture, this candy is a pure delight for all lemon lovers. 

Pop Amazing Apple: Your desserts will be pleasing again! Let the sweet-sour flavour of apples tantalize your taste buds.

Pop Pineapple Paradise: Bring home the zesty, vibrant and tropical pineapple lollies to brighten up your day! 

Whether you crave a specific lollipop from your past or want to relish fruitful delights, House of Candy has all that you need.