Mint Imperials
Mint Imperials
Mint Imperials
Mint Imperials

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Mint Imperials

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Size:500 gms

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These mint imperial candies give a dosage of minty freshness. Get a refreshed feeling with just a single bite. They are an ideal accompaniment at a birthday party or anniversary. Glazed with an added mint layer, these candies cater to the sweet tooth perfectly. Arrange these in a gift pack, and you will have a stunning graduation or party gift. These sweet goodies have a minty freshness, which makes them an excellent garnish for ice-creams or yogurt.

  • Crispy bites, hard boil candies and are sweet.

  • Exciting and flavorsome, they pack a crunchy bite every time.

  • These candies are mint-coated and are a fun-filled treat for children.

  • Net Weight : 100gm

  • Ingredients: Peppermint oil, granulated sugar, dextrose, acacia gum, processing acid : between 60 (Polysorbate 60) stearic acid (vegetable)

  • Allergy information: For allergens, you can see ingredients given in bold.

  • Best consumable before December 2023

  • Country of Origin : Scotland