Cola Bottles 100gm
SKU: GJ160; Category: Gums and Jellies; Tag: Non-Veg The Cola bottle shaped jellies will attract the attention of your kids as soon as they see them. These dairy-free cola bottle candies prove to be a healthy snacking option for all...
Rs. 180.00
Strawberry & Cream 100gm
SKU: GJ124 ; Category: Gums & Jellies ; Tag: Non-Veg These strawberry silhouetted, chewy candies will spike your mood with sheer ecstasy. You can mix these with other sweet candies and store them in a big bowl or jar as...
Rs. 180.00
Giant Cola Bottle 100gm
SKU number – GJ161 ; Category – Gums & Jellies ; Tag: Non-Veg Munch on these extra gummy cola candies and their hard texture makes them ideal for teething kids as well. Their shelf life extends up to 18 months...
Rs. 180.00
Yellow Bellies 100gm
SKU: GJ222 ; Category: Gums and Jellies ; Tag: Non- Veg ;  These snake-shaped creepy crawlies are the right combination of eerie and yummy. The jelly based, mix flavoured succulents have a gummy consistency and will make for a fun...
Rs. 180.00
Fruit Jellies 100gm
SKU: GJ115 ; Category: Gums and Jellies ; Tag: Veg Mixed flavour yummy candies that make a perfect snack and a wonderful treat. An assortment of flavours. Sugary candies. Net weight: 100gm Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelling Agent, Lactic Acid, Colours, Flavourings....
Rs. 180.00
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