Life is short, take the trip, buy the dress, eat the candy

Life is short, take the trip, buy the dress, eat the candy

Be honest - When was the last time you let your giggles out like a 4-year old? This one got you thinking…


Let’s imagine that a carefree smile on a child’s face on receiving their favorite candy, the happiness is real, and the candy means the world to that child. Why don’t you try to get that kick from sour candies and gummy bears? Are you already counting calories? Life is too short to track those calories every time you pop something in your mouth, especially when food is your soulmate!  


The current faster than rocket life has got the best of us and left us living like a robot! If you are working 9 hours a day to make a happy and comfortable living, and you actually don’t end up enjoying what you like, then darling, you need to sit back and rethink your plans and actions. If rethinking your schedule got you craving for change, then you gotta hop on the first train and reach your destination. Don’t be scared of the change; remember what we had planned for 2020 and where it landed us all! That’s a jolt enough to shake those shackled thoughts and push you out of your comfort zone.   


The possibilities of change are unfathomable, and if you are having qualms about how to begin and proceed, then this little story is for you all. Maral Yazarloo, listed as the top 100 most influential women of the world, traveled around the world on an 800 cc motorbike while she was pregnant. There's more to her story - She quit her job as vice president in a real estate company and embarked on the journey of what gave her happiness and completed the puzzle of her life - riding the world on a motorbike. Of course, life had other plans for her, and she got pregnant in the middle of her trip, but did she betray her dream? Remember when life gives you lemons, you make a sour candy and get that kick to continue better! So, instead of giving up on her dream, she carried on with the journey and spent eighteen months on the road learning the most significant lessons of her life - being the happiest she had ever been. Out of these eighteen months, she was pregnant for six and a half months. This 37-year old stereotype breaker gave birth to a very healthy and happy baby girl. 


There’s no reason you should ever give up on something that you desire with all your heart. You have been waiting to buy that dress but haven't been able to pick that ideal occasion to wear it - wear it in your living room, watch Netflix and drink that wine! You have been thinking about resuming hiking post-baby - train hard and take that baby along. Don’t forget to carry those gummy bears to keep that baby smiling. Think about your craziest ideas, shape them, and turn them into reality! The adrenaline rush and the satisfaction you get from living your dream are incomparable to anything on this planet. Just in case you dream about flying to other planets, don’t forget to carry a bag of marshmallows to keep your trip comfortable and fluffy!  


We keep hearing about people making it big by following their hearts. Let’s shed light on the question that usually pops in most minds when they try to process the information on people who left their job, followed their heart, and made it big. What triggered these people to make this move? The triggers and reasons could be different for everyone, yet one thing that remains constant is the urge to live a happy and contented life. When you are not motivated enough to wake up and resume life from where you left it last night, and continue like this day after day and year after year, then we are afraid to say, but you have been hitting the snooze button on life every single day. Probably you need to pop in some gummy bears and let those tiny bears’ push keep you away from snoozing. 


Just like the sky is everywhere, but we see it only when we step out, and it’s raining or too hot, the triggers to follow your heart are always there; you just need to trust your instincts and make a move. The initial move may feel like that first taste of sour candy, but it starts getting better as you continue with the plunge. The final and after taste of sour candy proves that not everything that starts weird ends distastefully. Unexpected beginnings can prove to be incredible and happy journeys. 


If you have seen the epic movie ‘Forrest Gump’, and you didn’t learn a thing or two from it, then probably you were eating something bland while watching it. Next time, keep a bowl of fizzy candies handy to keep your focus alive in it. The legendary character played by our very loved Tom Hanks started a wave of revolution that motivated people to follow their hearts, keep going, and live a happy life. Remember his running for months, growing beard on it, and people following him, that was something magical we can't name! This also reminds us of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but we’ll talk about it next time. 


You have to shake off that fear of letting go and remember, you can live your best by ditching the norm. You just can’t afford to sit in the corner of a room and keep dreaming of the stars. You have to get there, live your best and enjoy every moment. When you need motivation, remind yourself of that child who did everything in his might to get those fizzy candies, marshmallows, and that ultimate bliss in his eyes when he got them all. You have to follow your heart full of dreams with the same zeal and live every moment like the forever happy taste of sweet candy. There will be lows on this journey, but you have to heap them with marshmallows and gummy bears and climb right up to the top. Life is too short; take that trip, wear that dress, and eat the candy!