Candies Blitz- How it is making India Sweeter

Candies Blitz- How it is making India Sweeter

Remember the time when you watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and secretly wished you were one of the winners of a golden ticket to that candy wonderland? Sadly, the oompa loompas are not around, but candy of every shape, size and flavour can be found in the Indian market now, thanks to the revolutionary concept of Candy Blitz. For the uninitiated, it’s a new concept where you can pick and mix candy of all types to make an assortment that is tailored specifically for your taste buds.


At House of Candy, we are revolutionizing the Indian market for chocolates and making it even sweeter. We sell an assortment of candies and chocolates imported specially from Europe and the USA in the Pick ‘n’ Mix format, and have witnessed tremendous demand for this unique shopping experience. Let’s take a look at how we are spreading the joy around and pairing people up with their favourite dessert.

Overview of Indian Candy Market 


Don’t we all have that one relative who stays abroad and brings back a truckload of chocolates and candy when they visit India? Children and adults alike love chocolates and families make it a point to go candy shopping on their foreign trips, simply because these brands are not easily available in India. However, that is changing.   


An ever growing country, India currently has the second largest population in the world and naturally serves as a lucrative market for many goods and services. The candy market in India is a thriving one because of the high demand of quality chocolates. According to a leading study, the candy market in India is slated to grow at a CAGR of over 9% from 2016-21. Following are some important reasons that help explain the steady rise in demand for candies in India:-


  • Rapid urbanization has improved people’s lifestyle and increased their disposable incomes
  • Westernization has been critical in improving people’s awareness and interest in western brands of chocolates and candies
  • International brands have ramped up their marketing in India owing to how lucrative it has proven to be for the sale of their goods
  • Tier I and Tier II cities are leading the charge and demanding quality products because middle class families now have greater purchasing power which is projected to increase further
  • Luxury as a value is aspirational to most Indians who see consumption of imported candies as a reflection of their high status 


The above reasons clearly indicate the shifting taste and demands of the market in India for candy and chocolates, as more and more consumers are seeking out quality international candy brands because of their superior taste. 

Types Of Candies: 101


Remember Bertie Botts Every Flavour beans from Harry Potter? While there may not be an earwax flavoured candy in the real world (thank god for that!), there is a mind numbing variety of candies available at House of Candy. Here are simple categories to help you pick and mix your favourites: 


Sugar Candies: 


Sugar candies are extremely popular and have come from the US as a concept. They are nothing but "sugar crystallized by repeated boiling and slow evaporation". These candies can be of various shapes, sizes and textures. At House of Candy, you will find many different types of sugar candies like the following:



Gum Candies


A gelatin based chewy category of candies, these are super popular with kids and adults alike. From licorice sticks to the famous gummy bears, these gum candies come in fun shapes and colours. Here are a few you can find at our site:- 





The king of all candies, chocolates are simply irresistible. If you are a chocolate lover who can trade marshmallows and gummy bears in a heartbeat for anything chocolate, then we have just the right products for you:-


  • Dark Chocolate Almonds - Delectable almonds coated in dark chocolate that will make your mouth water
  • Chocolate Banknotes - Milk chocolate shaped like banknotes make for the most unique treat    
  • Chocolate Vanilla Fudge - Enjoy your favourite flavours in this chocolate and vanilla treat that is fudgy and super tasty

How House of Candy Is Changing The Game


Gone are the days when you would have to buy a whole packet of candies of only one variant. At House of Candy, we are bringing the pick and mix format to you where you can choose your favourite types of confectionery and buy an assortment that caters specifically to your taste buds. Not just that, we are offering custom packaging services where you can curate your candy box from scratch for yourself or for a loved one. These packages make for perfect gifts for your near and dear ones. We also cater for the special occasions in your life, be it a baby shower, a birthday party or a wedding gift. 


At House of Candy, we are revolutionizing the way people buy and consume candy in the Indian market, giving our consumers more flexibility and agency to purchase premium quality candy and confectionery from the comfort of their home.