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Kanu Sharma Bhatia

Co-founder & Managing Director

Kanu Priya Sharma is the Co- founder and Director of House of Candy, India's exclusive and the only paradise of delectable candies, giving her bit of share in modernising the conventional confectionery industry with her interest and experience in luxurious and high-end products and services. In her current position, Kanu is responsible for managing and overseeing the corporate relations, marketing and social media among the other things for the brand's PAN-India growth. She is also accountable for the effortless execution of all marketing plans, activities and campaigns by working across the verticals for company’s continuous expansion and presence in the market. A Delhi-based women entrepreneur, Kanu has over 11 years of comprehensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the business ecosystem and luxury retailing and hospitality industry. After completing her Bachelors in Communications from Texas Christian University, the United States, she started working as Membership Manager with Capital Club in Bahrain. After working there for a year, she joined Infinite Luxury Brands Pvt Ltd. as Corporate sales manager and worked on various brands like Roberto Cavalli, Cavalli Cafe, Versace, Emilio Pucci and Misumi to name a few. With a good hand in persuasion skills and marketing, she worked as an Assistant Boutique Director with Nirav Modi and made her mark in the industry. Realizing that her core competencies are indeed shining in the luxury hospitality, retail, and marketing industry, she decided to come back to her dream project and help her spouse in managing and overseeing the marketing activities of House of Candy. Soon after, she started heading the corporate relations, the brand saw remarkable success and presence in the hospitality and luxury industry. Kanu’s spectacular skillset and desire to take the company to new heights bought the business various accolades. In fact, in 2019, House of Candy won VM-RD Retail Design Awards for the Best Retail Store of the Year. The retail store mentioned here is House of Candy's kiosk store in Elante Mall, Chandigarh. Kanu passionately aspires to accelerate brand growth across all verticals and flourish in the media along with the consumer mindset. She envisions making House of Candy a national brand with a minimum of 1000 self-owned outlets spread across India. Kanu's entrepreneurial spirit has been time and again boosted by her venture. A year ago, in 2020 she started with one of her other dream project Chewbox, which is a one stop pet shop for all pet parents. She thinks employees in her firm are the building force of their empire and they are as essential as the founders in the brand's growth and expansion journey. She proudly admits that without the support and contribution of her employees, vendors, and other stakeholders, House of Candy wouldn't have reached such incredible heights. Through House of Candy, Kanu aims to revamp the conventional candies and confectionery settings in India. Her ultimate goal is to make this company the leading Indian confectionary brand that can create significant waves in the international market as well. Outside of work, Kanu thoroughly enjoys spending quality time with her family, raising her kids with good values, socialising with friends, practicing boxing and watching movies as she believes that it rejuvenates her to think better and take a step towards success. Behind her professional outlook, she has a soft heart too, she is closely associated with various charitable organizations and NGOs like “The Bigger Picture”, “Together We Can” and “Cheshire Home Delhi”.