Fruit Jellies Squeeze Box 150gm
SKU: GB162 ; Category: Gift Box ; Tag: Veg Mixed flavour yummy candies that make a perfect snack and a wonderful treat. An assortment of flavours. Sugary candies. Net weight: 150gm Comes in an acrylic box Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup,...
Rs. 349.00
Raspberry Squeeze box 150gm
SKU: GJB154 ; Categories: Gift Box ; Tag: Non-VegHouse of Candy brings all the fresh flavours for you to taste. The soft and chewy texture of these gummies leave everyone wanting for more. It is gluten-free and dairy-free which makes it...
Rs. 349.00
Gummy Bear Squeeze Box 150gm
SKU: GB153 ; Category: Gift Box ; Tags: Non-veg Due to their vibrant color and cute appearance, gummy bears are always a fun snack to have. These bears are a perfect dairy-free snack for people of all ages. Each bear...
Rs. 349.00
Cola Bottle Squeeze Box 150gm
SKU:GB160 ; Category: Gift Box; Tag: Non-Veg The Cola bottle shaped jellies will attract the attention of your kids as soon as they see them. These dairy-free cola bottle candies prove to be a healthy snacking option for all age...
Rs. 349.00
Assorted Squeeze Box Veg
SKU:GB174 ; Category: Gift Box; Tag: Veg One bite from this Veg Fusion Candy Bag will bring back childhood memories. Each pouch comes with sugary delights that makes it a perfect on-the-go snack for your trips. Candy surprise with our...
Rs. 349.00
Assorted Squeeze Box Non Veg
SKU:GB173 ; Category: Gift Box; Tag: Non-Veg Just a single bite from this fantastic candy bag will replay childhood nostalgia. Every individual pouch is available with sugary goodies which make it an ideal snack for your travel outings. Get candied...
Rs. 349.00
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