Secret Recipe of Setting Up a Stellar Candy Buffet

Secret Recipe of Setting Up a Stellar Candy Buffet

As a leading candy retailer and lollipop manufacturer, with a robust and experienced team of candy ninjas, one of the top questions that clouds our mind is “How can I build an amazing candy buffet?” Much like return gifts, souvenirs, goodie bags, party favours, centrepieces and swag bags, candy buffets have become a must-have in celebrations nowadays.  No matter what event it is, be it a birthday party, baby shower, naming ceremony, weddings, corporate events and even for that matter fundraisers, a beautiful looking and captivating candy buffet or candy table sets the stage for you!

Whether you are in the confectionery business or are a candy retailer like us, or maybe planning an event for your client, we are pretty sure even you have been asked this question many times. So, to deal with these frequently asked questions, we are happy to help you with this coveted knowledge that can set you apart from your competition.

Let’s not keep the lid over the tips for longer and present you the recipe of setting up a killer candy buffet to woo your guests and make the candy buffet life of the party.

Consider Candies as Decor

If you have a candy buffet installed at your party, you won’t even need much more decoration to stir up the excitement as the candies do most of the decoration work for you! The prerequisite for any candy buffet setup is the containers. You can incorporate a variety of fun shaped, transparent and quality containers to showcase the colourful and beautiful looking candies. While you want the candy buffet to look beautiful, food safety should also be your concern.

Nothing ruins the party and presentation more than the poor quality, broken glass, so we recommend you use food-grade plastic jars that are easy to carry as well as handle with kids around. Even if there is spillage or someone by mistake chips the jar while putting in a scoop or tongs, no one should get hurt.

Play around with different container shapes. Looking for a modern feel? Go with sleek rounded or square column containers.  Give a party some old-time elegance with plastic mason and apothecary jars. For a more mature party, plastic cocktail glasses will get the cheers and it’s easy for guests to enjoy candy while mingling.

Sprinkle an Array of Colours

Now that you are all up for considering the candy buffet as decor and see it as a fun part- choosing the candy! Much like you select colours for your event, we recommend you select the colour or the colours for your candy buffet before embarking on a candy hunt. It helps keep you focused while combing through the bins and aisles of mouthwatering candies. We recommend you begin with 2 colours — the main colour and an accent colour or you can just use a single colour in varying shades. Though any colour can accentuate your celebrations but a monochromatic palette is especially dramatic and sophisticated with an assortment of candies in varying shades of the same colour. An event with more playfulness and whimsy, like a children’s birthday party or baby shower, will pass the fun test with flying colours if a rainbow candy buffet is on the menu.

Lay a Spread of Variety of Candies

A successful candy buffet is not only a treat to the eyes but should be a feast for taste buds too! While setting up a candy buffet at your place, you might want to offer candies that complement the colour of the theme as well as should be palate-pleasers to ensure there is something for everyone.

A great assortment would include our magical candies like gummy bears, raspberries, pink & white tubes, mini marshmallows, fizzy peaches, cola bottles, chocolate flavoured beans, dark chocolate almonds, jelly beans, range of lollipops, jelly mix, fruit jellies and the list can continue to add sweetness to your buffet.

Experiment with Texture

Colours are not only the thing that you should keep in mind while setting up the candy buffet, texture should also be on your mind. You certainly want your guests to be happy and excited at the sight of the buffet and feel nostalgic about the times when candies were their tootsie-bae. The perfect way to achieve that is by incorporating candies of different textures. You can catch the gleam of your guest’s eyes with chewy gummies, sugar-dusted jellies, smooth and shiny beans or even foiled chocolates.

The rule not only goes for candies but for any decoration, you decide to incorporate into your candy buffet too.  Add fresh flowers or greenery to the table to add texture and visual interest.  Balloons, paper or silk flowers, even signage are all terrific ways to add textural elements and bring the whole buffet together. It’s especially useful to craft signs denoting the types and flavours of the various candies — calling out the veg and non-veg lovers.

Serving Utensils and Kits are a Must

This may seem obvious, but candy buffets can only be a success if your guests can enjoy it as well as get hypnotised by the beauty. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about utensils. Make sure to have a scoop and spatulas for each container so guests won’t have to wait for their turns.

Like any buffet, you also want to have something to contain your guests’ selections nearby. Partygoers will appreciate fun containers like colourful takeout boxes or cups when presented for their use.

So now we have given you the tips, it’s time you should contact House of Candy for the perfect candy buffet setup and make your parties amazing and cherishing.