Crazy Candies: The Sweet Thrills You Can’t Resist

Crazy Candies: The Sweet Thrills You Can’t Resist

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Who doesn’t love candies? One that can brighten up the smile of children, teens, and adults alike are the delicious candies. Though they can bring oodles of happiness but wouldn’t it be terrific if it comes with a little twist? House of Candy adores your love for crazy characters who are more than role models for you. We offer a whole collection of crazy candies that tastes amazing and go beyond the conventional sweet treats. Yes, you read it right! There can be a blissful crossover of our juicy candies and your favourite characters.

Let’s take you to our crazy Candyland, where fairies are waiting for your sweet arrival and our superheroes are there to guard your juicy candies. 

A Magical Land Of Disney Princess

Stories are the best part of childhood. While some of us fantasize about the magical kindness and warmth of Princess Cinderella; some get awestruck by the unflappable spirit and resilience of Princess Ariel; some say they get amazed by the imaginative power of Princess Aurora and the confidence of Princess Belle. But if we say you can admire the beauty and kindness of each princess in one combo, then? Baffling enough? When you don’t seem to pick one, we bring you a magical Combo of Disney Princess Pez Candy Dispenser that can take you to their land of miracles and make you doll out juicy candies.

Children love fairy tales and fairy princesses giving out sweets is every child’s dream come true. Why don’t you try it for yourself and your kids?

Marvellous Marvel Super Heroes

A must-have for Marvel comic book collectors, superhero fanatics and anyone who loves to binge on colourful juicy candies! Our Combo of Marvel Pez Candy Dispenser is a big treat for all superhero lovers. Perfect for a Marvel universe theme party, it is a great gift for anyone who admires Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, or Hulk.

Get ready for Marvel characters to demonstrate their heroic power and strength to ooze out sweet candy surprises.

Frozen Fantastic Fascination

It’s time to switch on the holiday spirit with the snowy and dewy Combo of Frozen Pez Candy Dispenser, featuring all your favourite Frozen 2 characters, including socially awkward princess Anna, the snow queen Elsa, snowman Olaf, and royal ice master Kristoff. A perfect companion for Frozen lovers, these dispensers are ever ready to drop down delectable candies and erupt a volcano of joy and happiness.

Visit their magical dewy kingdom and enjoy the mess-free sweet treats engulfed with fruity juices.

Hello Kitty Love

Do you know Hello Kitty and friends love baking food? They are a widely popular character among kids and their cuteness fills the hearts of people with sheer joy. Our Combo of Hello Kitty Pez Candy Dispenser includes Hello Kitty Llama Headband, Hello Kitty Llama Purple & Hello Kitty Llama which is a perfect match for people who love Hello Kitty cartoons, movies and candies.

Surprise your kids with delicious candies packed in a fun dispenser.

Pepped Up Peppa Pig Collection

Jump in the world of Peppa Pig filled with lots of candies and joys! When your little piggy indulges in the Combo of Pez Peppa Pig Dispenser with Candy Refills, we bet they will dive into the world of fruity freshness. Make friends with adorable Peppa Pig, George Pig, Princess Peppa Pig, and Pirate George.

PJ Mask Candy Fighters

Make your little crime fighter’s birthday party an instant hit with the Combo of PJ Mask Candy Dispenser by House of Candy. Treat your little superheroes with PEZ dispensers in all the PJ Masks characters and we are sure they will feel like they have stepped right into the adventurous world of Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette, ready to battle against Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja. 

Make memories last a little longer with the craziness going around!

So next time you have company or are feeling a little adventurous, grab some crazy PEZ dispensers from House of Candy and take your taste buds on a fruitilicious ride.