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My Big Red Box of Candy - Non Veg

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The Big Red Box of Candy from the House of Candy can be your very own box of various candies. Assorted in six different flavours, this box contains everything from fizzy candies to soft gummies. 

  • It is a baggage of sweet, tangy and fizzy flavours packed into one box. 
  • Excellent for parties and as standalone gifts, this red box proves to be a treasure trove.
  • A wonderful blend of gummy bears, fizzy cola bottles, marshmallows, sweet and sour jellies, raspberry candies make this box a perfect gift item.
  • Net weight -1kg
  • Ingredients: Gummy Bear - Sugar, glucose syrup,water, gelatine, acid:E330, maltodextrin,flavouring,colour: E100, E120, E141, E160e; vegetables oils (palm kernel, coconut), glazing agents: beeswax, carnauba wax

Raspberry - Sugar, glucose syrup, gelatine, dextrose, glucose fructose syrup, acid: citric acid, gelling agent: pectins; flavouring, glazing agent, beeswax, carnauma wax, olive oil, coconut and palm kernel oil, thickening agent: arabic gum; fruit vegetable concentrates: carrot safflower,lemon, elderberry, colours: E120, E153

Jelly Mix - Sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelatine, acid: E330; maltodextrin, flavourings, colours : E100, E120, E141, E150d, E160e; vegetable oil (palm kernel, coconut), glazing agent: beeswax, carnauba wax

Pink & white marshmallows - Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, pork gelatine, anti-caking agent: maize starch; flavouring, colour: E120

Cola Bottle - Glucose syrup, sugar, water, pork gelatine, maltodextrin, acid: E330; colour: E150d;flavouring; vegetable oils (palm kernel, coconut), glazing agents: beeswax, carnauba

Fizzy Chips - Sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelatine,acid:E296,E334,flavouring,colour: E100,E120,E141,E160e

  • Allergy Information: For allergens, please check the ingredient list.

    My Big Red Box of Candy - Non Veg
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