Pop Pineapple Spiral 55gm

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Rs. 150.00

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It’s a candy that is cute enough to be shown in movies and now you can get it for your kids as well! We are not kidding, your kids will love it so much they will not spare a second to unwrap and taste it. 

  • A Pop Pineapple Spiral is a lollipop with a zesty flavour of pineapples.

  • It proves to be a great return gift for kids on birthdays and pop-ups your dull shrunken mood on lazy weekends.

  •  It is spiral-shaped and comes in a mix of colours – pink, orange, and green.

  • Net weight - 55gm

  • Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, acidifier :citric acid, colors : curcumin , brilliant blue FCF, copper complexes of chlorophyllin, beta- carotene, titanium dioxide, carrot extract. Contains permitted artificial food colour and added artificial pineapple flavour.

  • Allergy Information: For allergens, please check the ingredient list.

  • Best consumable before November 2023

    Pop Pineapple Spiral 55gm
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