Ice Cream Dips Combo

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Ice Cream Dips Combo

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If you love ice-creams, then make room for some finger-licking combos from our store. These ice-cream dips come in combos and prove to be a great inspiration for kids to study hard if you give them these delectable candies in the end.

● These candies have a blend of sweet, tangy, zesty, and sour flavours.
● These are Ice-cream cone-shaped candies. Its size is 4 * 1.5 inches.
● Contains: Ice Cream and dip combos of blue raspberry and vanilla, orange and vanilla, strawberry and vanilla, and cherry and vanilla.
● Creamy and Sweet, tangy and creamy, Sweet-sour and creamy, and sweet and creamy ice cream/dip combos
● Ingredients: Sugar, maltose syrup, water, acid: lactic acid; flavourings, emulsifier: monoglycerylester), colours: Orange & Vanilla: E160c, E171, Blue Raspberry & Vanilla: E133, E171, Strawberry & amp; Vanilla: E163, E171 Cherry & Vanilla: E163, E171. Sugar Candies: sugar, dextrose, acid: citric acid; glucose syrup, thickener:gum arabic; flavourings, glazing agents: carnauba wax, shellac; colours: E133, E141, E160a, E163.
● Allergy Information: For allergens, please check the ingredient list.
● Best consumable before December 2023