Vanilla Fudge


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Rs. 160 per 100 grams

  • Rich Gourmet Food: Made with high-quality vanilla essence, these vanilla fudge candies are the perfect gourmet dessert with a lavish appeal to serve at parties.
  • Creamy Vanilla Goodness: with an over-powering rich vanilla flavor, these fudge candies are the best soft chew candy to have at parties & get together. 
  • Sweetness Overload: With an additional vanilla coating on top, these soft candies are made to be extra sweet for that extra dose of sugar & to make the texture even creamier. 
  • Dessert Topping: These vanilla cubes can be cut-up in smaller pieces & used as a dessert topping for brownies, cakes, ice creams, and even yogurt. 
  • Perfect Snack: Ideal for birthday & anniversary gifts, these fudge cubes can be used as a great option for late-night or evening snack as well.


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