Chocolate Flavoured Beans


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Rs. 160 per 100 grams

  • When you hear beans, all you can think of is boring. However, these chocolate-flavored beans are the complete opposite of that. Their crunchy and sugary exterior appeals to kids and adults alike.

  • Sugary and chocolatey taste that will melt in your mouth

  • Crunchy and chocolatey bites

  • Bean-shaped candies, but don’t let’em fool you.

  • Ingredients: Sugar, Edible vegetable fat, milk solids, Cocoasolids, Malt extract powder, Permitted Stabilizing & Emulsifyingagents (E322, E476) and Food grade Shellac(E904), Contains permitted Food Colour (E102, E110, E120, E124, E127, and E133) And Added Natural Identical Flavorings Substances.
  • Allergy Information: For allergens please see ingredients listed in bold.
  • Best before: Dec’2020
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