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A taste of childhood, a bite into happiness, a sweet dose of nostalgia, that is what candies are to everyone. And no one goes looking for an occasion to devour them. People irrespective of their age are drawn to candies, some prefer chocolate, few like the sour candies and most of our fans  love  lollipops.

While some say that kids prefer candies more than the older generation, the love for a particular candy that starts from a young age mostly never fades. The prime ingredient being sugar is what makes them irresistible, leaving people wanting more.You enjoy it on good days and bad days, so you naturally associate it with love, positivity, joy, and comfort. These mini jewels give us that one right moment in between our chaotic and stressful lives. So, no wonder people crave so much for the sugar high.

House of Candy has been satisfying sweet cravings in India with its endless choices of confections. It is a house of candies, literally, where everyone is sure to find their perfect candy pick.

This House is run by a husband-wife duo Sameer Bhatia and Kanu Sharma. House of Candy believes in delivering its customers the best quality products made from the finest of ingredients. And if you are missing the taste of imported candies from America and Europe, then worry not, because you will find those candies here too.

From gummy bears, colas and marshmallows to fruit drops, cables, fudge bites and lollipops, the company is home to over 100 sweet treats which can be selected in a ‘pick n mix’ format.

Be it for a birthday party, a customised gift box for your loved one or your next corporate event; these candy connoisseurs are the one-stop-shop if you wish to make any of your celebrations extra special. The candy experts will deliver to you the whimsical and unique statement candy pieces that will make your parties stand out beautifully and deliver a rich and gratifying experience.

Well, we all love our candies but do you know lesser-know facts about these whimsical sweet delights? Here are a few ones that  will surprise your brains.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Candies

  • We all are aware that candy is purely made from sugar, but it is the varying temperature at which sugar is heated is what makes the treat soft or hard. High temperature makes your fruit drop, medium heat makes sweet candies, and cold temperatures are what leads to the chewy colas and gummy bears.
  • The iconic melt in mouth – M&M’s is famous for being chocolate balls encrusted with a crunchy coating of candy shell which over the years has evolved and now comes with an exciting combination of flavours. The candies are named after its creators’ Forrest Mars Sr. and Bruce Murrie and were introduced after a dip in chocolate sales in the summer of 1941.
  • A 90’s Indian kid will remember the chewing bubble gum, which mostly came in pink colour. This is because, at the time of invention, it was the only colour available. If you are one of those people who couldn’t  blow a bubble, then you probably didn’t know this fact – sugar does not stretch. So the next time you pop a bubble gum in your mouth, wait until the flavour wears off and then try blowing a bubble, that way your bubble won’t collapse prematurely.
  • The hard candy which possibly every kid loves to lick is the lollipop. George Smith, the famous American candy creator, had tried his luck on the racehorse, and that is how the much-loved confection came into existence. During one of his confessions he accepted that he named this invention after his favourite racehorse, ‘Lolly Pop’.
  • Eating lots of candies in one go will cause you lesser cavities than eating in intervals throughout the day. So, why take breaks?
  • Chocolate and specifically dark chocolate is considered to be an aphrodisiac, do you know why? It is because it has the same substance that is said to trigger the feeling of falling in love. It also said to stimulate brain waves and increase relaxation.
  • Chocolate production reportedly uses up 40% of the world’s almonds and 20% of peanuts.
  • Cocoa beans have the power to slow down the fastest growing cancer cells, including cervical cancer; it not only reduces the growth speed of the dangerous cancerous cells but also helps in destroying them.
  • Who doesn’t love a gummy bear? A magnificence of flavour gummy bears are not anywhere close to your boring snack; they are chewy, tasty and incredibly worthy of bringing. While no candy is genuinely healthy, it is just that few are better than the rest and we say bringing because gummy bears are one of those treats that are fat-free and doesn’t have cholesterol. Since some candy bars contain more fat than the usual satisfying your sweet craving with gummy bears wouldn’t be that harmful would it?
  • Just the sheer joy of licking onto your favourite candy bar or lollipop has the power to lower your stress levels. While there is no 100 per cent confirmation that it eradicates stress, several pieces of research suggest that devouring your beloved candies may brighten your mood.
  • History suggests that marshmallows were enjoyed by the ancient Egyptians as early as 2000 B.C and they were enjoyed only by the royals. However, the marshmallows we eat today were invented by the French, which is a composition of the mallow plant, sugar, corn syrup.
  • We are just glad that we don’t belong to that Egyptian age anymore, because the pillowy goodness is here for all of us to enjoy. Phew!
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