4 Ways How Candy Can Brighten Up Children’s Day Celebrations

Nov 24, 2020Uncategorized

Children’s Day is right around the corner, and every time we see a kid dressed up for it, it takes us back to our school days. We remember the laughs, the snacks, the hilarious plays put up by our beloved teachers, and, of course, the candy. Candy has been an integral part of every child’s childhood, and the one day of the year when the school distributed candy among the students remains memorable for all. Are you a teacher looking to make your school’s children’s day celebration more memorable? Or are you simply looking for ideas for a kids’ party at your place on this special day?

No matter what the occasion is, any party for kids is incomplete without candy, so we have decided to offer you 4 different ways in which you can incorporate candies at your party. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love candy? So without further ado, let’s get straight down to these 4 amazing party ideas for your kids:

#1 Organize a Candy Buffet

Imagine for a second that you are back to your middle school days, and someone took you to a room where there is an entire spread of different shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours of candy. You can pick and choose which ones you want to eat and taste a little bit of everything. Do you suddenly feel excited just thinking about it? Now imagine how the kids at the party would feel about such a spread.

A candy buffet is every kid’s dream, and with House of Candy, you can make it a reality for the upcoming children’s day celebration. Head on over to our HoC site and mix and match the candies that you would want at the party. You can go for PEZ candy dispensers, which come in unique designs, you can pick some gummy bears, pink and white marshmallows, and even the pop tutti frutti spiral and make a whole candy buffet for the kids. Make sure to play around with the texture and incorporate some different types of candies in your list, and that is all you need for the most memorable party for kids.

#2 Drive Around A Candy Cart at School

Children’s day celebrations in school are always highly anticipated, and each year, the kids expect something new and different. So how about surprising them with a candy cart for this year’s celebrations? While a candy buffet might be difficult to arrange for in case there are a lot of kids, a candy cart is quite convenient to plan for. The cart will have a lot of different types of candies in the store that the kids can request from the cart operator.

If in a school, the cart can be driven to each classroom, and it can be a candy-filled sweet surprise for the kids. You can incorporate different candies from HoC like Apple Belts, Fruit Jellies, ABC Letters, Mini Marshmallows, and so many more. The kids would love the idea of ordering from a candy cart since it would remind them of the delicious candy cart on the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter and make for a similar experience. The candy cart idea will make for an ultimate surprise for the kids and would add a charm to the celebrations.

#3 Candy as Gift for The Children

Who doesn’t love a gift, and if the one receiving it is a kid, then there is no better gift than candy. This children’s day, don’t send anybody home empty-handed. Rather, give them a box of candies that they can take back home and share with their family. At House of candy, we have customized candy boxes that would make for the perfect gift on the occasion of children’s day.

You can pick from our veg and non-veg fusion bag of candy that contains a surprise every time you dip your hand and scoop out some candy. It’s an assortment of some of our bestsellers, and we can promise you that these sugary delights will be the best gift that kids can receive for a party. The Gummy Rainbow Blast is another popular option for gifting purposes as it contains some yummy gummy bears and everyone’s favorite, pink and white marshmallows. Pick from numerous such combinations and bring the biggest smile on the face of all the kids at the party.

#4 Candy Distribution Drive for Underprivileged Kids

Children’s day celebration is a celebration for children all around the country, but sadly, many kids will go to sleep on an empty stomach. Here’s how you can bring some joy and cheer to the kids in your neighbourhood. Organize a small candy distribution drive for the underprivileged kids in your area and take your child with you for the drive. This will teach them the importance of being kind and compassionate towards those less fortunate and will bring a smile to your child’s face, along with the many other children. You can order candies from HoC, and we would love to help you reach out to children everywhere and deliver these sugary delights to them. This would be one of the most memorable ways to celebrate children’s day.

Let There Be Candy

With that, we have given you all the ideas you need to organize a rocking children’s day celebration for your kids. Order some of our bestsellers, and we assure you that not a single child in the room would be anything less than ecstatic at the different colourful candies that they will find. Try out different flavours and textures of candy and make the kids the absolute happiest that they have ever been.

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