Candid Candy Confessions – A Candy Trivia for You

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At House of Candy, we specialize in delivering joy right to your doorstep, in the form of our bestseller candies. From toffees to gummy bears and even marshmallows, your choices are endless. What we love about candies is that it does not matter which part of the world you are from or what your age, gender, or religion is, candy appeals to everyone and often brings people together. The simple act of gifting your friend or partner a candy often says ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ better than anything else could. Candy is a universal language in itself.

Have you ever wondered where it was discovered? Do you know how many types of candy there are? If you enjoy trivia, then you must read these lesser-known facts about candy that we dug up recently. Here is a list of some candid candy confessions that not a lot of people know about:

10 Candid Candy Confessions – A Candy Trivia for You

  1. Did you know the first candy is believed to have been invented by Egyptians? The funny thing is, they used the candy for religious services and not as sweets. The ancient Egyptians made candy out of used honey, dates, nuts, figs, and spices, and archaeologists believe this was around 2,000 years ago.

  2. Candies that contain nuts are super popular, and at House of Candy, Dark Chocolate Almond is one of our bestseller candies. So you might find this interesting that 40% of the almonds produced in the States is actually used up by U.S. chocolate manufacturers. It seems like you are not the only one who loves almonds in their chocolate, huh?

  3. Although North America is one of the major markets for candy and generates the most demand for them, it is believed that Germans actually consume twice the amount of candy than Americans. It seems like the Germans have a real sweet tooth!

  4. Cotton candy is loved and adored by children and adults alike, and it is a super fun experience to have the fluffy cotton-like candy dissolve in your mouth and leave a sugary aftertaste. If your dentist gives you an earful for eating too much of it, let him/her know the next time that cotton candy was actually invented by a dentist. Back in 1897, a dentist named William Morrison teamed up with popular confectioner John C. Wharton and designed the cotton candy machine. They initially called it ‘Fairy Floss.’ We quite like that name, don’t you?

  5. White chocolate lovers, quick, grab onto something near you because we are going to drop a bomb over your head. Did you know that white chocolate isn’t actually real chocolate? That’s right; your favourite chocolate is not technically chocolate since it is made of cocoa solids. Don’t be sad, though, because it still tastes just as good, doesn’t it? Dispel your sorrows and try some of our white and pink marshmallows, which taste heavenly when dipped in some melted white chocolate.

  6. Now, who doesn’t love gummy bears? Those chewy little treats are the perfect midnight snack, road trip companion, and movie date constant. Fun fact, gummy bears were invented by Hand Riegel, a German candy creator. The Germans sure know a thing or two about candies, it seems. Another pro tip for the party lover who loves trying out new drinks, you can actually soak gummy bears in vodka for a fresh taste. Surprise your guests the next time with this neat little party trick.

  7. Okay, confession time, we are suckers for fruit flavoured candies, and raspberries definitely count as one of our top favorites. The raspberry gummies at House of Candy is one of our bestsellers as customers can’t get enough of the delicious berry flavoured gummy. So did you know that raspberries actually come from Turkey, and the sweetest raspberries are gold raspberries? They are quite rare so if you have ever tasted a gold raspberry, consider yourself supremely lucky!

  8. Kids love Pez candy dispensers, and we have some really quirky candy dispensers that are a hit at children’s parties. So this might be interesting to you that the candy was actually invented by a German anti-smoking advocate called Eduard Haas III, who invented the Pez candy to help smokers quit. The word Pez actually comes from the German word for peppermint, ‘pfefferminz.’ The first dispensers that were shaped like cartoons were in the design of Santa Claus, a space gun, and a robot.

  9. Have you ever wondered why certain colours are popular for certain candies? For example, why are most bubble gums usually pink? In most cases, you will realize that there is no grand colour choosing method, but mostly circumstances and coincidences that make these candies assume a specific color. In the case of bubble gum, it just so happened that pink was the only food dye color available in 1928 when the bubble gum was invented.

  10. M&Ms are the candy lovers go to pick because of how tasty and satisfying those are. The Mar’s factory in New Jersey makes M&Ms in such a large quantity that it will leave you stunned. They make 4 million M&Ms a minute, and every 8 hours, they will have produced 8 billion M&Ms. That’s a lot of M&Ms, but hey, we are not complaining.

Well, those were some of our candid candy confessions, and we really enjoyed putting this trivia together for you. We hope that you learned some new facts about your favourite candies today. After reading about candy for so long, if you feel like digging into some, then head over to our inventory and pick your favourite candies from our store. We will have them delivered right to your doorstep. Write to us and let us know some of your candid candy confessions.

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